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Tiper Vessel

PATRiA Tipper Vessel offers most outstanding performance.
  • Tiper Vessel

PATRiA Tipper Vessel offers most outstanding performance features in great at  loading and unloading. Excellent design of body vessel shape will gives carry-back less. By using All arc welded construction of mild steel plate and can option using Wear Resistant Plate give less body  weight and a long service life.

By Using telescopic cylinder and mechanism complete with scissor stabilizer makes the product more stable at tipping, less fuel consumption and less concentration stress  will make  life time truck chassis longer.

  •   Automatic lock system  on tail gate( Easy to operate and safety)
  •   Reliability Component with reputable brand ( productive, high quality )
  • <i class="\\&quot;fa-li" fa="" fa-check\\"="">  Responsive After Sales Support ( less breakdown time )
  • <i class="\\&quot;fa-li" fa="" fa-check\\"="">  Coal Hauling on Mining

  • <i class="\\&quot;fa-li" fa="" fa-check\\"="">  24 CuM up to 36 CuM

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