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Man Hauler

Safety and Comfort Going Hand In Hand
  • Man Hauler

When the need to mobilize employees or guests to your site arises, you would expect a solution that is reliable, safe and comfortable; you would expect a solution like the PATRiA Man Hauler.

Equipped with an array of well-thought of features than increases safety, PATRiA Man Hauler can be attached to any off-road truck, making it a versatile and cost-efficient choice. They also come in a wide range of capacities, depending on your requirement.

So when reliably and comfortably transporting people is the challenge, now you know the answer.



  •   Versatile
  •   Very suitable for off-road terrains
  •   Can be attached to any off-road truck
  •   Comfortable
  •   Comes with pneumatic system doors
  •   Marine wood flooring covered by aluminum borders plate
  •   Noise absorber included beneath the floor
  •   Equipped with Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)
  •   Transportation for operators in mining area

  •   Man Hauler 21 Seat
  •   Man Hauler 40 Seat
  •   Man Hauler 55 Seat
  •   Man Hauler 65 Seat


** Capacity of products depend on customer requirements (customize)

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