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Lube Truck

Equipment Maintenance Just Becomes Easier
  • Lube Truck

All PATRiA Lube Trucks are engineered to reduce downtime and increase productivity, able to carry multiple tanks with a capacity of 100 t0 4.000 Liters. They are also designed to dispense and be filled without causing spills, coming in various sizes and modules depending on your requirements.

Mining, Construction, Commercial service, Wildfire suppression, whatever industry you are in, maintaining your equipment becomes easier with PATRiA Lube Truck in your fleet.

  •   Conformance
  •   Minimizing break down time
  •   Using premium brand (Corken, Graco, Ingersol-Rand, etc)
  •   Safety
  •   The unit is designed with distribution load simulation to meet best travelling stability.

Compartment carrier for:

  •   Grease
  •   Waste
  •   Water
  • <i class="\\&quot;fa-li" fa="" fa-check\\"="">  Fuel

Lube Truck 500 L – 20.000 L


** Capacity of products depend on customer requirements (customize)

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