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Patria providing world class attachments using locally engineering solutions
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Patria providing world class attachments using locally engineering solutions, with the focus on the supply of the best possible solutions to you, our customer. Patria designs and manufactures a wide variety of attachments for the mining material handling industries and other specific applications.

Abrasion resistant materials, heavy plate construction and long lasting teeth with adapters are being used to increase life and digging power.

  •   Durable Product ( high resistance steel )
  •   Customize design depend on customer requirements

Designs for any application whether hardrock, iron ore, coal, coal digging, etc

  •   The bucket attached to excavator available within volume capacity of 0.4 m3 ~ 24 m3 (Struck, SAE).
  •   The bucket attached to wheel loader available within volume capacity of 1.4 m3 ~ 15 m3 (Struck, SAE).


** Capacity of products depend on customer requirements (customize)

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