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Allightsykes Contractor Low Head Pump

Pump equipment in construction, mining and rental industries
  • Allightsykes Contractor Low Head Pump

The contractors range are designed robust and heavy duty to meet the demands of the construction, mining and rental industries.

Pump Efficiencies up to 83% which provide faster and more efficient pumping resulting in savings to the end user.


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  • Low fuel usage
  • Reduced engine sizes
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Dry self-prime and re-prime
  • Close coupled SAE Bearing Frames
  • Operates in ‘snore’ conditions
  • Vacuum Priming option available for ground dewatering.
  • Diesel, electric or hydraulic drive


  1. CP80i
  2. CP100i
  3. CP150
  4. CP220i
  5. CP250i
  6. CP300i

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