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Concrete Mixer

High Performance Meets Easy Operation
  • Concrete Mixer

You have set your quality standards, and the PATRiA Concrete Mixer is here to help you keep them.

For starters, our drum is made from high quality water-resistant steel that is lightweight, hardworking and durable. Well-designed blade allows for smoother and faster flow, while axial pumps, motor oil cooler and planetary gearbox give increased work efficiency and dependability. To ensure safety during operation, a filter element indicator is attached to the hydraulic filter.

Its high performance meets easy operation, making PATRiA Concrete Mixer the mixer of choice for many savvy operators.

  •   Side guard scotch tape sticker, Folding ladder & safety chain Provides Safety
  •   Sample box Helps you maintain The quality of the mix
  •   Round steel rod on the edge of blade increases durability.

Ready mix transporter for:

  •   Road construction

  •   CM 300
  •   CM 700 (7Cbm) thickness 4mm
  •   CM 1000 (10Cbm)

** Capacity of products depend on customer requirements (customize)

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