Contract Service


Trailer Maintenance Service

PATRIA Trailer has been manufactured since 1990s for more than 1,000 units spread across more than 20 domestic customers with a market share of 90% throughout Indonesia and more than 40 units for overseas customers.

As one of Indonesia's leading company in heavy transport equipment & attachment with a wide range product variants such as Semi-trailer Bottom Dump (SBD), Semi-trailer Rear Tipper (SRT), Semi-trailer Side Tipper (SST) & Semi-Trailer Door Tipper (SDT), PATRIA provides solutions based on customer's specific needs.

Throughout the years PATRIA have provided trailer maintenance system for customers units such as:

  1. PAMA Site Adaro
  2. SIS Site Adaro
  3. Buma Site Adaro
  4. Buma Site Berau Coal
  1. MTL Site Berau Coal
  2. KWN Site Gunung Bayan
  3. MHA Site Gunung Bayan

Service Team Frequency Time
1 Planner
1 Leader
1 Welder
8 Mechanic
Monthly Service
Day/Month: 30 days
Shift : 2 Shifts/day

Bucket Maintenance System

Bucket care service are systemized to achive optimal use of bucket lifetime. Bucket in this case must be equipped with a spare bucket.

Service Package

Exclude GET

Reguler Bucket Maintenance System

All cost related to the maintenance of bucket is charged actually.

Full Maintenance Contract

All cost related to the maintenance of bucket is charged per unit of the operating unit (per hour).

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